Why PR is Essential to Grow Your Interior Design and Architecture Business?


Having access to the many photos, artists, and architects that design companies have is perfect for creating a presence online. However, sometimes strategizing all of that incredible material is time consuming, overwhelming and can get a bit messy if you don’t really know what you are doing. This seems to be a huge reason for businesses and companies to utilize public relation firms. That is what we are here for!


Press Release

First, we need to ask the question: What would these high-end businesses that you want to attract want to see about your company? These businesses are luxury businesses, so consumers want to know that you are the next up and coming, you are talented, your work is recognized, you get published, you are an expert. The best way to get the word out it using the power of a press release. PR companies have connections, many press related connections, in which they can reach out to and get accomplishments and other article worthy circumstances published. This could be print or online, but either way, you’re already much closer to reaching more people than what was initially available.


Website Upkeep

Following the press release, posting this onto the company website is a must. Not only do you want to have all of the awards and accomplishments listing on your website, you need to make sure it is posted in a timely manner. It is understandable that sometimes the company is busy and can’t get around to something as quickly as they would like. That’s another great reason to use PR. Pass the torch, if you will, and let a PR company upkeep your website making sure it is up to date with the most recent accolades! This is a huge deal when luxury businesses are doing research on your company. If they go to the website and it is old, outdated and has no award/accomplishment recognition readily available, they will move on to the next option in the blink of an eye.


Social Media Presence

Here we can talk about that content you have so much access to, but aren’t utilizing! As an interior design and/or architecture business, there should be an over abundant amount of photos of the finished products. These photos are exactly what potential clients want to see. Nowadays businesses are searching Instagram for recent photos and Facebook for photos and articles of the finished product. If your social media platforms are not maintained, relevant, and aesthetically pleasing, it will deter any business that identifies as “Luxury”. Lux businesses have no time for companies who can’t even keep up their social media pages. PR firms can do this for and they do it well. Even creating ads through social media platforms is extremely useful and beneficial, so why not leave that up to the experts?


There are many reasons why PR is essential to the growth of your design business, but these are just a few major incentives. At first it might seem a bit over the top, but at the end of the day you have to use the resources you have and allowing a PR company to make the most of it will benefit your company in more ways than one.


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How PR Can Grow Your Business with Quality Clients?


The majority of PR companies, along with any other company that is based on their clientele, wants to have quality clients. Unfortunately, sometimes quantity comes before quality. Those quality clients usually come around after a good reputation has been shown. Let’s start with talking about what the difference is between the two. Quality, according to Merriam-Webster, is a degree of excellence or superiority in kind. It describes something, either of how it was made, or how if is as compared to others. However, it is subjective while quantity is definite. On the other hand, quantity is an indefinite amount or number. It is measurable and can be expressed as a numerical value.


Why Quality?

Now we can all understand why having something that is higher in quality makes more sense. It usually lasts longer and is more efficient, making the cost completely worth it. Think about buying a high quality $400 purse versus a $40 purse. Which one will last longer and be the better investment?  When you think of quality in terms of clients, these clients would be higher paying clients with high influence in their industry and has a broader reach.


Why NOT Quantity?

Although some companies think that having an extremely large number of clients looks good, it can not only be overwhelming, but inhibiting as well. By this we mean that taking on too many mediocre clients can pigeonhole your company into getting the reputation of only being able to handle a lower grade client. This is something you want to avoid.


Why PR?

Public relations is going to be the key to helping your company “up” the level of clients you attract. PR focuses on getting the best reputation out into the world as possible. It is obviously a big part of PR to make companies and clients appear in a good light when it comes to their specific industry as well as maintaining that image. The more publicity and recognition your company gets, the more you’ll need a public relations firm to come in and push those views out into the world even more. If there’s anything to know about SEO (search engine optimization), the more will your company’s name appear in searches and the higher up on the Google search results your company will be. From blogs to SEO to social media, PR companies handle it all as well as strategizes the information in the best way to attract the type of clientele you want.


Ultimately, as a company gets bigger and begins to take on more clients, PR is absolutely necessary if you want to make sure everything you put out in the internet targets the clientele you want to attract. Great PR can target any demographic from gender to religion to age to location. The capabilities are endless, but technology is always changing, so why not take advantage of a PR company who has the knowledge of how to use it?


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A New Spin on Traditional PR


Traditional PR is changing its standards by the year. What we would consider traditional today, would have been revolutionary 10 years ago. PR, advertising, marketing, etc are all changing constantly, so keeping up with the new trends is crucial for any company.


Beware of Fake News

With the era of “fake news” all around us, journalists and PR professionals have to be extremely careful about what is being pushed out. Double checking, triple checking are possibly not enough with all the double edged swords being thrown out into society, especially about politics. Even in regards to other industries, fact checking has never been held to such a high standard as it is now. Writers and PR companies are becoming more diligent than ever when it comes to getting the truth out there because anyone can post anything in Wikipedia!



Recently it has become essential for companies to receive clear value in their public relations strategy. This truly lets the client understand how important of an asset that Public Relations can be. It also means metrics need to be a top PR priority. In order to measure these PR efforts effectively, objectives have to be listed out clearly and concise. Getting together with the company’s executives and determining how they define success from a PR standpoint is crucial. Once the objectives are clear, figure out what areas to measure so you can show how effective the PR strategies can be.


Live Video

We all remember when live video made its debut. At first it seemed a bit awkward, but now it has grown out of its middle school stage and is now the most popular kid in school in terms of PR content. Society as a whole has become extremely visual which has shifted and positively impacted the world of Public Relations. There are studies that show that people would much rather watch a video or even see a photo opposed to read a blog piece. This means that the majority of your audience needs visual stimulation and if you don’t implement it into your PR strategy, then you could potentially miss out on a huge population. Live video is growing more and more every day and is expected to become more important.

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