Social Media: Quality Or Quantity?


There seems to be a few thoughts between these two roaming around out there in the social media, digital marketing world. Some companies think that pushing out a lot of content that might not be of superior quality is still better because they get seen more. Others think posting less frequently, but with impeccable quality content is better. When in comes to the battle between the two, quality wins and here’s why.


It Builds Trust and a Following

People begin to follow and become fans of companies because they can trust that the content being posted (shown in their daily feed) is reliable and relevant to them. This means that the people and community that follows a certain business or company most likely saw a few posts from the company that appealed to them before making that choice to follow. The posts, tweets, etc. pile up to create a certain reputation over time and if the posts are of high quality and less frequent opposed to average quality and more frequent, then people will notice that the posts are more reliable and thought out. If it is the opposite, then people will lose interest, ignore the posts, and eventually unfollow.


More Engaging

The content pushed out on social media is supposed to be engaging! For businesses, the more engagement (such as likes and comments) means an increase is brand awareness and appreciation. It can also mean more traffic to the company website and other social media platforms. When brand awareness increases, attracting more prospects and potential clients becomes seamless. The higher the quality and the more relevant it is, the more engagement! As a company’s popularity and reputation increases, the views, likes, shares, and comments should also increase. Due to this fact alone, making sure that quality content is pushed out is imperative. People do not want to post, share or engage with low quality content and it certainly won’t help gain the trust of potential customers and clients.


It’s Proven (sort of)!

As search engines search for quality content, they are not starting to consider engagement and other social signals to help determine what content gets ranked higher than others. In layman's terms, quality content is measured by how often it is liked and shared on social media. This makes sense. For the most part, content that is liked and shared is usually quality content in which people are a fan of. Most people won’t like photos or posts they think are out of focus, taken with a flip phone, etc. This search result obviously depends on the search engine, but even if they don’t consider the likes, they might take into consideration posts, shares, tweets and retweets as credible backlinks.


Ultimately, it is all about the kind of followers and supporters that you want. With higher quality posts, the followers and engagement will be better tenfold. Fortunately, there are many ways to improve photo quality and relevance like photoshop or other photo editors. Make sure to find out what makes the content better and implement it!


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Modern Day Social Media Do’s and Don’ts


Social media today has becoming one of the most primary source of influence in the marketing realm. Like anything of influence, social media can hurt or help any company that utilizes it! Many businesses are not really sure how to use social media to their advantage and end up hurting more than helping themselves. This is a great reason why acquiring some knowledge on what and what not to do, at least with the social media aspect of marketing, is crucial to getting your business where you want it.



1. Timing

There is this idea going around that getting a bunch of content out there is the best way to go. Just so you know, that is false. Customers that see an overabundance of a specific company start to get annoyed and lose interest. Imagine getting an email everyday from the same company trying to sell something or give you a promotion. In that scenario, most people will unsubscribe and boom, hurt the company versus helped. Make sure to spread out content across social media platforms. Instagram should be 3-4 times a week and same for Facebook. Twitter is a whole other beast that should be used more frequently simply because of the fact that content gets lost and skimmed over extremely quickly. When it comes to Social, less is more!


2. Utilize EVERY hashtag (IG)

            Instagram is a hashtag loving platform. Most people don’t realize, but the use of hashtags can increase page views, likes, and followers faster than simply posting a few photos. There are limits on the amount of hashtags for each photo, 30, but figure out which ones are most viewed and looked up and USE ALL OF THEM! It will instantly improve your insights, just wait and see.



            Many companies get caught up thinking that posting photos is good enough, once again. Nope. Getting involved with your fans and supporters is the best way to develop a solid brand. People feel special when they know you are reading their comments and responding, whether that is liking, commenting back, or sharing!



1. Fakeness

            Do not be fake. Customers can tell immediately when a company truly cares or is truthful in their posts and/or responses. It is a bad feeling when a company responds with the generic “Thanks” to a well thought out comment from a fan or customer. Be genuine. It pays off in the end and will develop a brand loyalty.


2. Low Quality Photos

            This goes back to the over-posting. Sometimes, along with too many photos, the photo quality is horrendous. Come on! Take the time to produce great photos and you will reap the benefits. People will scroll right over a terrible photos, but will be curious about a picture that is higher quality.


3. Irrelevant Content

This one seems to be a pretty common error. A lot of businesses will post blogs, stories and pictures that have nothing to do with their product just because it’s “cool”. Do not post about a political situation when you sell sunglasses. It does not make sense. Keep your content relevant to your brand and product. Your customers will appreciate the consistency and so will the sales department!


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The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Public Relations Department


There is no argument that outsourcing your public relations department is a huge deal. It is not a decision that should be taken lightly. On the plus side, outsourcing your public relations can save time and ensure that your brand is excellently positioned with a strategic and effective method behind it! Choosing whether or not to outsource takes a lot of tactic and strategic planning, so here are a few ways that explain the benefits of outsourcing your public relations department.


External Ideas

Outsourcing an agency allows for that agency’s passion, creativity and knowledge of current trends to flow through the PR. This can help to ignite some ideas and excitement throughout the company’s staff and instill a sense of interest about the brand or company itself.


Saving Money

In a society where the salary requirements are skyrocketing, outsourcing a PR company can save the company money. Forget about paying for health insurance, just pay a monthly retainer and there you go. Problem solved. Most companies are beginning to outsource primarily for this fact alone! It’s a no brainer when it comes to budgeting. Another aspect is you get a full-fledged team for the same amount you would be paying for one person’s salary! If this does not sell you on outsourcing, we don’t know what will.


Highlight your Strengths

When companies are considering “hiring out”, it’s most likely because that specific job or task is outside of the “core competency”. This just means that some companies are big on focusing on marketing products on a worldwide scale and need that to be a primary object; however, press releases are not an objective. This means that a secondary resource is needed and allows the company to really hone in on the marketing strategy, leaving the press release up to the Pros.



PR professionals have a vast network of different connections. These connections can be anyone from CEO’s of companies to social media influencers. A huge benefit of using an outside public relations company is that you get access to everyone and everything the PR agency is connected with! In a world where it’s all about who you know, having this access is absolutely crucial to stepping outside of the box and achieving more than the average company. Higher a company that is versed in the same industry because they will likely have many contacts in that industry including media sources. Attempting to establish connections like this can take years if not months, so cut out the middleman and get a company on board who already has them!


Time = Money

Unfortunately, this is true. The more time you spend on accomplishing a task, the less time you have to perfect something else. Let a team of professionals really dive in and take over Public Relations. This will allow more time for your company to focus on other things that need to get done. One less thing to stress about and allows your strengths as a company begin to emerge.


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