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Blog writing should not be exclusively left to professional blog writers. While having bloggers write about your company or product can prove to be beneficial, the best people to write about your brand, with authenticity, are the people that work there. The people that work at your company are the people that are passionate about your brand or product and will naturally create content that works to showcase your company in the best light. By having a brand blog, you are creating a brand communication strategy and can start conversations around topics that are beneficial to your company and answer questions that prove to be the most helpful to your readers. To create quality content always keep your readers at the forefront of the writing.

First Things First

While there are tons of articles and tips on writing a brand blog and how to best keep at it, it is essential to start off with a definite beginning in the post. When it comes to blog writing if you do not capture your reader’s attention in the first paragraph than chances are they will not read your post till the end. Other factors to think of: how you share the post on social media, the photos in the articles, and the keywords used to help boost SEO results. It is essential to be conscious of the words you are using, the image you have chosen, and how you are showcasing the information. Address the issue, but make the readers life easier with the answer.

Find a Viewpoint

Be concise and clear when writing a blog post. You want the reader to finish reading the blog post and to be able to absorb all the information and understand it. Be clear about your viewpoint because when you are not, you come off as wishy-washy and lose credibility to your reader. When making claims and stating ideas, it is important to have details and information to back it up. If the information that you are using links back to another part of your website, use it! Linking back not only builds credibility with your readers but also with the search engines. The more your readers understand and gain information from your blog posts, the more likely they are to come back and read.


Write in Your Voice

Your company has a voice, and when writing your blog posts, it works best to carry that same view. Keeping one unison voice for your business helps your readers relate to the brand and they can build a connection and loyalty to your company. When picking a voice, there are many different factors to consider, the formality, the helpfulness, and the ratio of information vs. anecdote. The easiest way to find your company voice is to think of the people using your service or product and keep in mind their demographic information, so your voice is relatable to them. While some topics may require a change in view or pace, it is important to limit how often you do this. Notably, in the beginning, it is better to let your readers get comfortable with the tone.


Structure is Key

Structuring posts with different headlines, let’s your readers skim a topic when they are in a rush, and find the parts that are most helpful to them. Structure helps to keep the subject concise and organized, it breaks it up into subtopics and keeps you on track when you are reading the topic, and writing your blog post. However, do not be afraid to vary your structure occasionally, this gives your blog posts a more organic feel, and will allow for you to find a format that your readers prefer and one that holds their attention best.

Keeping a brand blog is a great way to get the word out about your brand and to also draw traffic back to your website. Don’t be afraid to try it out and get creative! If your blog writing is for your readers, you can’t go wrong. In fact, through blog writing, you might even end up finding new ways to connect with your readers and improve your business.


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Viral Content


Viral content is content that takes on a life of its own as it spreads throughout the internet giving you reach and engagement that you otherwise might not have gotten, or it would have taken longer to get. When it comes to social media content strategy, marketers always strive for viral content. Viral content is something that helps them stand out and expand the brand, but exactly how easy is it to get or create viral content? There are a few similarities between content that have gone viral before, and we looked at that to develop tips you can implement into your content.


Know Your Audience:

The best way to get content to go viral is to know your audience and to create content that they will want to share. To find out what content your audience responds to best you can do so through marketing research or trial and error. The more you post, the more data you will have on what your audience responds too and how they respond to it. Through this trial and error, you can establish the content that has the enormous potential to go viral then combined with timing and overall content reference you will have maximized your chance to go viral.






Content that has a play on emotion or pulls at our heartstrings is also the most likely to go viral. This is not to say that informative content does not go viral, it does, but the educational material can just be limiting because it only applies to those that have an interest in the article. With emotional content, there is a higher chance to appeal to a more significant group of people because it is not as limiting. Anything that is tear-jerking or has a cute factor is sure to have a broad reach.


Content that Gives Back:

When people share content, they are acutely aware of how the material reflects on them. If the content you are producing is content that makes the sharer look more social conscious are even smarter, they are more inclined to share it. Material that tends to have a higher worldview or work toward a more significant cause tends to get shared more often. Just look at the videos that go viral, very usually they are ones where people are helping others, or someone like Ellen DeGeneres is giving items away to unsuspecting guests. Any campaign that helps to improve the state of the world has potential to go viral.


Overall, content that tends to go viral is material that is relatable in some way. Sometimes this means a funny meme that we all look at and think “me too!” or sometimes it is a just cause that we all feel strongly towards. Whatever branding ideas or content you are creating, create it with your brand and brand voice in mind because even if your content does not go viral, as long as it is still quality content it will help you grow!



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Growth Hacking


While having a social media communication plan is valuable, it is also essential to consistently be growing. The more your accounts grow, the more your company is expanding its reach. Whether that growth is coming through awareness, new clients, or reflected in the bottom line, growth is what you should be striving for, and hopefully, these tips will help you continue to grow.


Good Publicity:

Companies often turn to social media PR to help grow the brand, and sometimes the best PR is to give back to your clients and consumers. By giving back and offering a giveaway or an exclusive deal it gets people talking about your brand again. In moments where it feels like your company emails have been shoved to the clutter folder of Outlook, a good PR plan and a giveaway could be precisely what is needed to boost your brand and get people excited about it like they did when they first found you.


Referral Programs:

Referral programs are a great way to grow! Essentially with referral programs, your followers refer their friends and once they sign up you reward them both, and who doesn’t like rewards? Harry's Shave Club ( had great success with their email referral program when they launched. The rewards from the referral program can be anything from an % off, to free product, to exclusive deals. Referral programs are also beneficial because they are a great way to capture leads! Email leads still hold a high click-through rate to bring clients back to your website. Make sure to combine your referral program with a way to capture leads so that you can give your business a profit boost.



Brands that focus on flash deals and exclusive offers play on emotion and a sense of urgency. Consumers and clients do not want to miss out on this moment. Urgent deals can even work to persuade someone to take part in your service or make a purchase because if the offer is so good and there is a time limit, they might think “why not?” And “I’ve meant to try it anyway.”


The best ways to growth hack are to play to the resources and attributes that your company already has, and find new ways to promote it. Growth hacking also allows you to get creative with your digital marketing plan and use different opportunities to extend offers and give back, like “National Pink Day” and the celebration of your company’s birthday. Through growth hacking, you expand your word of mouth reach and get people talking.


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