Combining Content Marketing and Digital Brand Advertising

There are many forms of marketing available to us today, and often we find ourselves choosing one or the other. But how many have thought or attempted to double stack their marketing efforts for double the results. Some may argue content marketing is a gift that keeps on giving, while others may add pay per click ads can bring you faster, more reliable results. In our opinion, there is no right or wrong way to market your business. At the end of the day, all marketing efforts go hand in hand with one another. So, why not combine your content marketing with your digital brand advertising and double the reach and ROI. If you think about it, it’s a win-win.

Benefits of Content Marketing:

Professional quality content is a long-term strategy. It helps to boost your SEO ranking while also improving the visual appeal of your website, social media channels and digital campaigns. Producing strong content helps to build authority and strengthens brand awareness. Think of it as storytelling, which can inspire and improve the content of your digital ads.  

Benefits of Digital Brand Advertising:

With digital marketing, you are able to evolve your marketing plans and stay competitive within your industry. Your digital ads will provide real, timely data you can observe immediately, giving you a better opportunity to plan, execute and adapt on the go based on true performance data.

Steps To Combine Content Marketing and Digital Brand Awareness:

1.     Great content produces great results.

·       Increase SEO with case studies, blog posts, curated guides and research/data posts

2.     Excellent understanding of pay per click advertising campaigns

·       Know your audience, understand how to target your ads, create great ads and collect and convert leads.

·       Get a better understanding of your target audience by using Facebook Audience Insights

·       Create better ads by looking at what your competitors are doing

3.     A solid strategy for capturing leads and converting them

·       In order to promote and capture your content, you’ll need a way to generate ROI

·       The best way to capture leads and boost your conversion rate is to have a pop-up appear on your site.

4.     Find the content that received the highest engagement on your social channels and consider promoting using ppc

·       Taking content that has proven to work and expanding your reach to a much larger audience will increase the odds that you will earn a positive ROI on your ad spend.

The simple fact is great content will produce more effective ads. They go hand in hand and you should never hesitate to combine any and all marketing efforts. (Insert links for lead capture and email sign up)

How to Build a Content Marketing Strategy

In today’s society, consumers prefer to be guided by the services you provide. It’s no longer the era of overwhelming marketing tools which involve traditional advertising and email blast of the same information. Now, we get to dive into the exciting world of creative content marketing. Content marketing is storytelling and every consumer is a part of the story. When working with your team to build the best content marketing strategy, here’s a great guide to follow.

Your Reason: Think about your reasons for creating content in the first place, the types of risks involved and the overall vision of what success will look like. The idea is to secure executive support for your strategy, because there will be obstacles leading to some mistakes here and there as you figure out what works best for your business.

Your Plan: Figure out the goals you want to set for your content program and establish the value you are looking to provide through your content. The details of your business model should outline the obstacles and opportunities you may encounter as you execute your plan.

Your Audience:  Here is where you describe the specific audience demographic for whom you will create content for. Establish what their needs are and what their content engagement cycle might look like. You also want to map out content you can deliver throughout their buyer’s journey that will help move them closer to their goals.

Your Brand Story: What type of relationships are you creating with your audience? What ideas and messages do you want to communicate and how will those messages differ from their competitors.

Your Distribution: Think about which of the platforms you will use to tell your story. What is your criteria, what processes will you use and what are the objectives for each one. Think about how you plan to connect them so that they create a cohesive brand conversation.

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Drive Marketing Success with Creative Content

Creative content is the driving force in today’s world. Whether you’re a business or you’re a brand or influencer, your content is what will set you apart from the rest.

Most people assume that any content they create and market is feasible enough to convince consumers to buy into. In some cases, that works, but in today’s world of trade and commerce, you have to sell your story first. In today’s time, original creative content is a leading factor in driving marketing success. Storytelling is often used loosely which makes many wonder: Do most businesses understand storytelling in the context of creative content marketing?

Let’s take a look at a few points of storytelling that makes this possible!

Tell the story - Storytelling is an essential content marketing technique that holds a lot of value. You have to build from the ground up, meaning figure out what story you are telling and more importantly, whose tuned in for the next chapter. Once you’ve figured this out, you’ll have a better understanding of your company’s true trajectory. Never start any sort of marketing activity without being very clear about what you want to achieve. As a creative, you should always have better-looking marketing campaigns but failing to set defined goals for success will undermine their effectiveness.

Have a Strong Message – Having a strong message is a craft in itself. Since social media has ignited the need for good storytelling, creative content now spreads in nanoseconds, so there's more risk in marketing than ever before. In this case, sometimes your business reputation is at stake because the content has to be consistent. Thus, the importance and relevance of great storytelling. You must relate to your target audience in order to create compelling content, and by "relate" we mean feel their pain. Empathy enables you to create content that motivates customers to take action. Knowing your customer demographics and psychographics is absolutely critical, but only a start. You lose the attention of most digital users in just a few seconds, so you have a limited period of time to capture their interest and keep them coming back. Stick to messaging that evokes emotion or encourages users to click through the ad, and keep it to just a short phrase.

Be authentic before being perfect and keep your creative content consistent no matter what. Consistency and honesty will always be your best marketing tools in the digital age.

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