What About Your Website Is Preventing Effective SEO


Most websites now are doing an “okay” job at effectively incorporating SEO. Search engine optimization can be extremely helpful when it comes to driving traffic to a website. However, some companies and businesses do not know how to increase their SEO rating. Here are a couple of things that could be preventing effective SEO for a website.

Content is Not Relevant

The amount of time people spend on a website, “dwell time”, is important in determining an SEO rating. When there is not enough interesting or useful information on the site, most people will not want to stay very long. People come to a site for certain reasons, whether it is a blog article they found or to look for a company in a specific field of work. Make sure to always have recent and up to date relevant information in order to elongate the average attention span. This could be news articles, blog posts, funny videos, etc.

Page Load Speed

When being ranked by a search engine, load time is largely taken into consideration. There are many ways to shorten load speed times. One way is to consistently optimize the images on the website. If there are a bunch of photos on a website, but their size is too big, it will take the page longer to load. Get a plugin that automatically optimizes the photos, making the file size smaller, but not altering their appearance on a website. Another way is to use caching plugins to make sure that the site code is clean and streamlined.

Outbound Links

Not using enough outbound links will definitely factor in. Try linking out to more known websites and/or more informational websites. When linking to a well-respected website, it gives your content more relevance and also sends search engines certain trust signals. Be careful though, too many outbound links can look visually unpleasing to the eye and appear a bit overwhelming.

Broken Links

This is a huge no no. It is the worst when clicking on a link and getting sent to a page that does not work anymore. It is tough to keep track of, but there are plugins that help weed out those links. Broken links also make the website seem like it is old, out of date and/or neglected. Sites with too many of these broken links get ranked much lower, so check before linking to other pages.


We have all run into those article that makes us feel like we need a dictionary next to us. No one wants to google every other word in an article to understand what it’s about! Make content easily understandable and improve the readability of the website. This will keep the “dwell time” up and also help the website move up in the rankings.

These are only a few things that could be preventing a website from getting a higher SEO ranking. Try fixing a couple of these issues and see how the rankings improve!

Why Brand Presence in Social Media Is So Important


First of all, what is Brand Presence? To us, brand presence is the infusion of a brand into  visuals, products, daily work, etc. in order to create a brand awareness helping customers to easily recognize a brand. For example, if a company has green and orange as brand colors, making sure to put those colors in the graphics, website, advertisements, etc. that they are placing on social media is CRUCIAL. This allows anyone who sees these items to identify that company with those colors. Here are a few more reasons why developing a brand presence in social media is so important.

Builds and Grows Your Reputation

Brand presence easily does this. However, just remember that it can either be a good reputation or a bad one. Reputations can help or hurt a company, so coming out strong with a great brand is imperative. It should be a priority not to rush the brand standards and truly come up with something that represents the company and what it stands for. Many places have brands that just do not step up to the plate in this category of marketing and eventually never get that brand presence they search so hard to achieve. The better the brand presence the wider and more recognize your business becomes.

Stands Out From Competitors

When a strong brand presence is in place, customers and clients will be able to associate a logo or even certain colors with that company. Even a little jingle on the radio or on a webpage can become second nature to some people, think about Nationwide’s jingle. When the awareness is high enough, the presence will undoubtedly stand out from other competitors.

Gives Off Confidence and Stability

There are many companies that have had to “re-brand” more than once and that is because they either outgrew their logo due to it being outdated OR they did not put enough effort into it in the first place. When a brand is strong and well thought out, it will give customers a sense of confidence in the brand and company itself. Sticking with something and incorporating the brand into marketing and social media is key to giving current and future consumers that stability and confidence they look for when choosing a business to trust.

Develops a Customer Loyalty

Once that trust is built, customer loyalty follows. Customers love having certain businesses that they go to for those special items they need. Hotels, shoe stores, even grocery stores have customer loyalty. This is not only because they make quality products, but they also have a brand presence within the customers themselves. Every person has a favorite shop for getting coffee or clothes, and it is brand presence plays a huge role in developing that!

Branding is not only crucial to the process of becoming successful, it makes customers and clients feel safe in their choice. As we mentioned above, a company should not have to rebrand unless the need for an upgrade is due to an outdated look. Even then, colors and fonts should stay the same to keep that association with the company. Presence on social media is the best place to have it because the world is going digital more and more every day, so why not start now?

Top Ranked Ways To Effectively Market Your Business


The world of marketing is constantly changing. It is getting harder to please customers and keep interest high. In this “microwave society”, people are wanting results easier and faster than ever, so appealing to the audience you desire needs to be quick. Here are a couple of ways you can effectively market your business in 2018.



Keeping your business authentic is not as easy as it used to be. Back in the day, it was okay to make generic statements and blatantly advertise your services on a soda can or a cereal box. However, times have changed. Authenticity is imperative, but hard to attain. Companies must do their best to personalize different marketing efforts by narrowing down a demographic on FB and Google ads. This will help customers and clients feel special and appreciated when they see your ads pop up on their website searches! Also, being genuine and showing that you care about your customers and clients is important in today’s sometimes over-saturated market.


Influencers on Social Media

This is becoming HUGE. Influencers are usually a more economical and effective option to advertising versus paying for tiny space on a website. Cost effective because often times influencers are open to a trade for services, and more effective because their reach can be extremely broad. Imagine asking a person who has 30K followers on Instagram to model your yoga pants and in turn you will send him/her three pairs. If they say yes, then you potentially receive 30K eyes on your product and all you have to sacrifice is 3 pairs of yoga pants. DEAL!


Purposeful Blogging

Blogging is much more important than it used to be. Keywords are used millions of times a day through search engines, so incorporating SEO parameters into your website’s blog will get you many more visitors than before. Finding out how to manipulate the search engine system is going to help your business grow, and grow organically at that!


Mobile Marketing

Have you heard of text message marketing? Of course you have! “Text SHOP to 721-574 to get your 10% off coupon code!” We have all heard this in one form or another and have all subscribed in some way via mobile devices. This form of marketing can reach a consumer faster than any other form of marketing. The majority of the population has a mobile phone and almost 100% of those people actually open the text message. If you’re not doing this already, go ahead a join in.


Excite Through Visuals

Visuals seem to gain the most traction with potential customers. Going “live” on Facebook and other social media platforms is only going to increase in popularity over time. Clients and customers want to see “behind the scenes” and feel as if they are a part of what is happening in the background. Along the lines of going “live”, creating interesting videos will absolutely help capture the attention of visitors on any page. Everyone loves those fun recipe videos, so why not make something that relates to your company in a similar, captivating manner? Lastly, use quality graphics. Nothing is worse than going to a company you could be interested in buying from and their social media and website is full of poor quality photos and/or badly placed photos on the website. Let’s just say this will not give viewers any confidence in your company or products.