The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Public Relations Department


There is no argument that outsourcing your public relations department is a huge deal. It is not a decision that should be taken lightly. On the plus side, outsourcing your public relations can save time and ensure that your brand is excellently positioned with a strategic and effective method behind it! Choosing whether or not to outsource takes a lot of tactic and strategic planning, so here are a few ways that explain the benefits of outsourcing your public relations department.


External Ideas

Outsourcing an agency allows for that agency’s passion, creativity and knowledge of current trends to flow through the PR. This can help to ignite some ideas and excitement throughout the company’s staff and instill a sense of interest about the brand or company itself.


Saving Money

In a society where the salary requirements are skyrocketing, outsourcing a PR company can save the company money. Forget about paying for health insurance, just pay a monthly retainer and there you go. Problem solved. Most companies are beginning to outsource primarily for this fact alone! It’s a no brainer when it comes to budgeting. Another aspect is you get a full-fledged team for the same amount you would be paying for one person’s salary! If this does not sell you on outsourcing, we don’t know what will.


Highlight your Strengths

When companies are considering “hiring out”, it’s most likely because that specific job or task is outside of the “core competency”. This just means that some companies are big on focusing on marketing products on a worldwide scale and need that to be a primary object; however, press releases are not an objective. This means that a secondary resource is needed and allows the company to really hone in on the marketing strategy, leaving the press release up to the Pros.



PR professionals have a vast network of different connections. These connections can be anyone from CEO’s of companies to social media influencers. A huge benefit of using an outside public relations company is that you get access to everyone and everything the PR agency is connected with! In a world where it’s all about who you know, having this access is absolutely crucial to stepping outside of the box and achieving more than the average company. Higher a company that is versed in the same industry because they will likely have many contacts in that industry including media sources. Attempting to establish connections like this can take years if not months, so cut out the middleman and get a company on board who already has them!


Time = Money

Unfortunately, this is true. The more time you spend on accomplishing a task, the less time you have to perfect something else. Let a team of professionals really dive in and take over Public Relations. This will allow more time for your company to focus on other things that need to get done. One less thing to stress about and allows your strengths as a company begin to emerge.


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The Importance of Public Relations: Why It Will Benefit Your Business and Bring In Leads


Public relations (PR) is often a misunderstood, yet important piece of the marketing and advertising industry. PR ultimately means getting people to talk and think about your business in a positive way. It should be an important piece to a company’s marketing plan. Not only is it a way to get good publicity without advertising it helps you deal with a problem facing your business in an effective manner.

A company can utilize PR to attract more customers, suppliers, potential employees and possible business partners. When potential clients see good news out on a specific company or business, they associate that positivity to that company. As of late, the Facebook scandal is showing why PR is and should be a major part in a company’s marketing plan. If Facebook would have gotten ahead of the story with their PR, maybe Mr. Zuckerberg might not be going through 10+ hours of questioning! But that is another issue in itself.

PR is not just for massive companies that use national newspapers or television to communicate to current and future customers and clients. Even the smallest business can use public relations to capture the eye of its local audience. Promoting itself online to reach a wider customer base is also beneficial if that is the goal.

Here are some ways that having a PR program implemented into a business’s marketing plan can benefit your business and bring in leads.


Targeted audiences are much more likely to trust press releases and messages coming from an objective source rather than paid-for advertising messages. Think about the political sides, most people either get their information from Fox News or CNN. A neutral source of news would most likely be one of the most credible forms of promotion and can be persuasive.


A solid and positive story has the potential be picked up by several news outlets. This aides in exposing the message to a large audience which in turn broadens the opportunities to bring in more leads. When a company’s reach is widened, the potential for clients widens as well.

Ultimately the message we are trying to get across is that Public Relations can be extremely impactful in bringing on new business, only if it it used correctly. When implemented efficiently in a crisis, PR can be the one thing that saves a company from complete embarrassment.

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Socially Engaged - Why Engaging With Followers Daily Is Essential for Growth


Engagement. The most underrated actions of social media today. When we say underrated, we mean by companies! Many companies tend to overlook the effects of engagement, mainly because they do not see the need and potential in it. Fortunately, we know what to do and why. Engagement is huge in regards to customer confidence and loyalty. Without loyalty, companies will continue to get one time buyers and fail to turn them into repeats customers. Here are a few reasons why engagement is an important piece to the social media success puzzle.


#1 - Visibility of Content

Content is just content without views, shares, likes, etc. To improve the visibility of content, customers HAVE to engage with it. “Shares” on Facebook seem to be the best way to get content out there. The algorithm that Facebook implements makes sure that anything shared through friends shows up first. This means that if fan pages share something, they will be lower in the news feed compared to if a friend shares something from that fan page. This prevents feeds from getting overloaded with business page content and keeps them fresh with content from “friends”. When someone shares something from the business page, it increases views and reach! Not to mention the customer confidence in the brand gets an even better reputation. This means recommendations and more followers.


#2 - Does the Audience Resonate?

There are many ways to check to see if your content is resonating with your desired audience. Have you ever seen those profile on instagram that have thousands of followers, but only a couple likes on each photo. That is an example of extremely poor engagement. It shows that those followers were bought, there is no customer loyalty or both! The more comments and likes, the better. Making sure to comment back and like all (positive) comments will expand your reach even more! Customers love feeling special, so respond! If your content is not resonating with people, do not be shocked when they start reporting posts as spam or hiding all of your content.


A tip to narrowing down your audience and keeping engagement high (and resonating with customers) is to check out a competitor’s engagement and compare! Make sure to also look at the organic posts versus paid. You will notice that if the organic posts have high engagement, than their content resonates more with their audience.


#3 - Higher Engagement = Higher ROI

It is hard to prove this completely, but an increase in engagement over the past few years in regards to social media unpaid posts has been noticeably beneficial. The more engagement, the more customers trust the company and therein lies the root to developing repeat customers. Repeat customers mean higher ROI. It is pretty self explanatory. Every person wants a personalized customer experience, so why not take a moment to comment back, like posts, etc. Engagement takes 15-30 minutes a week. Take two days a week to go through all channels for 15 minutes and ENGAGE!


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