How to Use Social Media Effectively for Hospitality


Many businesses in the hospitality industry heavily rely on reviews, referrals, and word of mouth. This makes social media a convenient and mostly a free marketing companion. Hotels and other hospitality businesses use social media outlets to capture attention of travelers and future potential guests. There are many ways to utilize social media for customer satisfaction and keeping customers engaged.



Using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. have moved passed the peer-to-peer stage. Now businesses utilize the platforms to create a closer relationship with consumers and guests including commenting back, liking, reposting and more. The best part about the change in marketing tactics is that direct mail and social media are both relevant. Unfortunately for direct mail, social media is WAY cheaper. The internet can reach a more vast audience or a very specific demographic, depending on who the business wants to target. Plus, tracking and analyzing data from your online reach is much more accurate as well. Each platform, if you have a business profile or page, has insights and data readily available to each organic and paid post/ad. This option should be taken advantage of in order to understand how your customers and clients want to be approached. Learn about when they’re online, which posts are more engaged with, what kind of posts they interact with more, etc. The options for improving skyrocket with all of this free data. It’s FREE, people!


Customer Relationship Management

When it comes to customers and what they need, those analytics we mentioned just now will also improve the way you engage with them. Customers want to be responded to, or at least recognized when they comment or ask question. Depending on the size of your company, you should at least be liking comments and even responding with a quick “Thanks!”. Come on, it’s the least you can do for someone who is saying something good about you, right? You wouldn’t just walk past a person saying to you, “You’re awesome! I appreciate you!”. Customer responses and reviews are generally a lot more transparent online, in turn allowing the hospitality to quickly engage and update products/services for quick improvements, paying off big time in the long run.


Reputation Management

A good reputation is one of the toughest things to maintain and one of the easiest things to ruin. If you have a high end luxury hotel for example, you want to make sure that you’re using social media platforms to build ongoing relationships with customers and clients. The convenience of these platforms makes it easy to upkeep the company’s brand awareness. Brand management is now more convenient than ever, thanks to social media and the internet in general. Yes, word of mouth is still a huge resource, which is why responding to reviews, complaints, and concerns is crucial. A couple that finds out about your high-end hotel through social media will also comment and review the hotel through the same platform. Consumers want problems and issues to be addressed quickly and if they’re not, the hotel’s Twitter and Facebook audience will know all about it.

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Why is Public Relations Still Important?


Why is Public Relations still important, you ask? For some reason the average small, start up business has trouble seeing the importance of having a good PR person or outsourced agency. A simple marketing person and/or department won’t be able to take on all of the key jobs and implementations in order to give companies the best chance possible. Here are a few reasons why public relations is still important, even crucial.


The Value

One of the most prominent issues with people who live in the digital marketing realm is the thinking that digital and social media marketing can replace public relations. Growth hacks are being sought out which in turn results in unrealistic expectations of followers. When you have fake followers, engagement is low and disingenuous. High level executives looking for this abnormally fast growth don’t realize that strong press along with third party validation are the best way to get a company’s history and story out there. This necessity falls onto PR professionals to get the importance of this drilled into the minds of their potential clients and customers. Taking the time to educate clients yield happier and less disappointed feelings, not to mention leave them feeling more confident in the PR service instead of solely relying on digital marketing to do all of the work.


Paid vs. Earned

Public relations professionals are typically versed and adapt well when it comes to capturing a client’s voice. This is a huge advantage for the PR world, but an issue that’s happening recently is the confusion between editorial and advertising content. Paid placements seem to be taking the lead, but the debate lies in whether or not it’s a good opportunity for the PR industry. Some belief that the old ways are the best ways and others are less resistant to the change. The old way consists of the mindset that PR should only establish earned media. Unfortunately, this conflict will continue on for a while. With so many industries, different beliefs work better. Paid might work best for one industry, but get no traction with another. This just goes to show that there is no one way of doing things.


Reputation to Protect

Some might say the biggest challenge is the loss of respect for actual experts in the media world. Major media has taken tons of blows over the past few years and many more people are starting to rely on smaller news networks instead of tuning in to larger platforms. Social media and places like Reddit have begun to develop a more reputable place to get information, even though most of the articles and posts are opinions, not facts. This makes it tough for a simple marketing team to deal with the advertising and promotions in conjunction with maintaining and presenting the ideal reputation for the company and/or business.


With all of that being said, we hope that you take a minute to consider the importance of PR for any businesses you want to grow, expand, and make a good impact on your audience and customers.

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Top 5 Social Media Tactics For Success


Social media is becoming a major player when it comes to business success. There is still so much to be discovered when it comes to the online marketing world, but social media is taking over. When taking your business to the next level, use these 5 main tactics for success:


Be a Storyteller

Show the client/customer that you are a real person. People are bored and tired of impersonal brands and promo announcements—people most likely will not be able to relate to and associate those with “big corporate” behavior. In a new age where everything needs to be unique and have a niche, finding a way to tell a story and relate to people is quite the attribute as a business. Try starting a discussion. Ask questions, opinions, etc. to get more customers engaged with your content. You might surprise yourself with the amount of reach a post of this nature can get.


Tag, You’re It

This is a new concept, but make sure to tag all influencers and leading brands in your posts. This is especially true for Instagram. This not only gets their attention, but their followers will also notice. Just like posts with more hashtags get more attention, same goes for posts that have more tags. If you are not sure who is a leader in your niche, try searching relevant hashtags to see who uses them and has the most like/comments on their pages.


Find the Influence

Influencers are all the rage right now. Many companies use influencers to get the word out about their brands, products and services. Most of the time, micro-influencers are the way to go. The reason for this is because the majority of these individuals are willing to do a trade of service. It is actually effective due to their following being more engaging than a major Instagram star.



With Facebook’s algorithm adjustments, companies and businesses that utilize the Live feature will get priority over simple text or photo posts. Although we’re all aware that video content is pushed out as a priority over photos, Live options are going to be game changers over the next year. With a 6:1 ratio of interactions with real time videos vs. regular videos, FB is encouraging companies to go Live if they want more reach and attention from followers and potential followers. This also gives customers the option to ask real-time questions and get answers immediately. Now that’s fast service.


Be You

Back in the day, every business was worried about sounding overly professional, watching the way they wrote and spoke. This digital age has opened the gate for all types of personalities to surface and it is highly encouraged! Suit-and-tie brand reps are outdated. Show off your brand personality. Doing so helps relate to more people and lets followers remember that real people are behind the brand.


Take all of these tactics and implement them into your business. Trust us, they will only help you and your business take flight. To understand these more, it is also best to check with the experts. Click here to schedule a Complimentary Brand Consultation.