6 Ways to Build Upon Your Earned Media Coverage


Once your company gets great media coverage, maintaining that is crucial. You might be wondering what the next step is, so here are 6 suggestions for ways to build upon your current earned media coverage.


Use Paid to Promote Earned Media

Even though we want to shy away from paid media in most circumstances, once the earned media is booming, it only makes sense to boost it a bit with some paid coverage. One practical way is pay-per-click advertising. This allows your company to promote any media coverage of your choice to prospective clients so they can check out your awesome rep. Your company will appear at the top of a Google search, depending on your target audience which gets more traffic to the website as well. FB boosting is another way to gain visibility. They allow you to narrow down a demographic, dates the ad will run, and time of day, plus it won’t break the bank.


Promote Within

If something great happens with the company, don’t be afraid to send it out to all of the employees. Good media coverage will encourage everyone at the company to share on their own LinkedIn and other social media platforms. Employees love hearing about a job well done, especially if they had something to do with it. Not to mention, who doesn’t enjoy a chance to brag about themselves, the company, and how they were a part of achieving good media coverage for the company? Exactly.


Encourage Engagement

Once the news is out, rally the troops. Encourage employees, customers, clients, etc. to go like, comment, share and engage with the earned media. This can take place on any social platform or website that the media appears on. For example, if the media coverage is on a blog, go to the blog and comment on it. Take it a step further and share it to their personal/business LinkedIn or Facebook page mentioning your company. It’s a great reminder to the customer of why they choose your company to do business with and builds a great relationship.


Get Proof via Screenshot

Make sure that you are capturing the moment as your media coverage appears on search engines. This is actual proof of how successful earned media can be for business. Push out those screenshots on the company pages (social media, website, etc.) to show how your media is popping up on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. It’s almost like a resume of sorts and shows future clients why they should get to know your company.


Put Your Success on Display

Post different media coverage in physical form around the office. If you have customers that come to your location for meetings or other reasons, having cool quotes on the walls or pictures of different coverage is a huge bonus. It makes the customer more confident in your abilities if they see that other people and businesses have recognized your company through public displays.


Personal Shout-Outs

When reposting and sharing, make sure to always tag the journalist and his/her associated business. For example, it’s a huge honor when someone includes your company in an article, so mentioning them is a public “Thank You”. It not only shows your gratitude, but also sets them up to want to write about your business another time down the road. Not to mention that it will bring more web traffic to their news channel as well.

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Leading with Paid versus Earned Media

Many businesses get caught up in turning to paid media first before exploring other options because they truly do not understand the power of PR. Many companies pile PR, Marketing, Advertising, etc. into the same thing and many jobs are given a half effort. Some news outlets will tell companies that they will write more about them and give them more attention if they advertise. Guess what—that’s actually not the way to go. Most times that’s not even the case. In fact, paid media should be the last resort.



Lead with PR

If your company has news that’s newsworthy, you shouldn’t lead with an advertisement. We absolutely recommend leading with Public Relations in addition to earned media. This is important because PR companies are known for having connections, and those connections will usually run good news for free. Good news brings in traffic to the outlet’s website, so it’s basically a trade of service transaction. It’s crucial to understand that once the news is out there, it is highly unlikely that that specific outlet will run or cover the news more than one time. This reason alone is why it is so important to use the connections and earned media first before relying on going straight to the advertorial opportunities. A few hints to implementing this are:

1.    Make sure you pitch the news to editorial contacts, not account executives. Most of the time the accounts execs will lead you right down the paid ad road instead of providing the free and/or more affordable options.

2.    Push out company news such as new hires, award recognition, promotions, etc. This will do a good job bringing more visitors to the website.

3.    Be more diligent by following up with your editorial contacts. One follow-up is not going to cut it and can sometimes seem a little insulting to the contact.

4.    Pitch for a feature, but be okay settling for a brief. When you aim high and seem willing to come down off of your high horse, most of the time the other person will too. This in turn could result in a free brief.


Exhaust All Avenues

Once all options and PR efforts have been exhausted, then it’s time to explore the paid opportunities, meaning ads. It’s important to save this option for last because many outlets will shy away from writing an actual article about the news because it has already appeared—because you paid for it.


One thing to keep in mind with paid advertisements is that your target audience, and most people in fact, tend to scroll right passed ads. They would much rather see a news article or story featuring your company and what the executives think about you. It’s rare, but when you’ve got a good story, paying for coverage can actually hurt your story. Not to mention the fees and costs start building up. In our opinion, paid media should not be a huge part of a PR firm’s strategy. Understanding how journalists and editors communicate and run their businesses is the bread and butter for PR companies.

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How to Increase Engagement on Social Media

The online digital marketing world is ever increasing and that includes tactics to increase engagement on social media platforms. Social media, being a free source of publicity, is a huge asset when promoting and getting your business in front of consumers. Even if your engagement is pretty good right now, there is always room for improvement. Here are some ways to ramp up your engagement on social media.



Brands and companies have so much potential to be inspirational, but it starts with what personally inspires you as a company. Focus on posting things that are meaningful and impactful to the brand and company as a whole. In turn, this maneuver will attract an audience that resonates and identifies with the brand itself. What sparks creativity? What motivates and pushes the company to work harder and be better for the clients? Who is a prominent leader or impact player in your industry? Posting these things not only motivates you, but relates to your followers.


Tools that Make Life Easier

Something that everyone appreciates is “hacking” everyday activities or work tasks. We’ve all heard of “life hacks”, so why not post about different tools and other things that help make interior design life easier? It can be anything from your favorite calendar app, to a special chair that makes desk life more comfortable. How about your online tools that help make business smoother and more efficient? Yes, we know everyone is different, but your followers and future clients want to know and understand that you care about getting things done quickly and correctly.


Other’s Materials

We’ve all heard the saying, “Don’t reinvent the wheel”. When it comes to social media, that’s ultimately the same motto that all platforms take on. Yes, people want to see some unique posts, but not everything has to be completely new. If a company you follow or value posts an amazing photo or article, why not share it with your followers. This not only shows that you support your competitors and other similar businesses, but their followers will see you and want to know more about your business. It’s a win-win.


Ask Away

People love to engage with questions, you want to know why? People love talking about themselves and their experiences. Start getting curious about what is going on in your industry. The inquiry doesn’t necessarily have to be about your business or work specifically. Check in with the community that you are connected with on social media and see what their thoughts are on different issues or events happening. Ask about favorite books, magazines, blog topics, etc. This can help immensely when attempting to choose topics for website articles.



The best part about keeping an updated portfolio is having consistent material to post on social media. Photos are becoming the new tweet, and people love seeing a good remodel/redesign. Start using your own content along with other cool things in your business to promote your services. This can be many things like picking up an old blog from a year ago and re-sharing it for the newest followers to get their hands on, or letting your audience know that your business is looking to take on one more client for the month/year. Things like these help your followers get to know you and want to be a part of your growing brand, not to mention posts like these get shared and commented on more so than just a random text post. Nurture that connection with like-minded people who love following your business.

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