Public Relations for Luxury Brands

Is public relations something you don’t really understand or have the time for?

Do you have a luxury brand you are trying to grow and looking for public relations help?

Do you aspire to be featured in lifestyle publications and be known around the world like Chanel and Prada?

A Design Partnership Will Take You There.

Getting your unique vision and hard work noticed can be tough. Public relations requires familiarity with the industry, its consumers, and the media in order to draft and execute the right PR strategy, especially when you are trying to promote a top of the line luxury brand.

Why You Need Public Relations

Reason # 1 - Perception Is Powerful

Everything is based on perception. H&M isn't known for quality, yet people flock to their retail locations every day because they know they are going to get the latest trends and styles in fashion at affordable rates. Their brand is powerful in a world where everyone wants to be fashionable, even on a small budget. On the other hand, luxury brands like Louis Vuitton & Gucci dominate the luxury brand market because of the high quality and design their luxury products are perceived to have. How your brand is perceived by the public is vital, especially in the luxury world. With the right PR strategy in place, we can help manage and influence those perceptions to benefit and continue to grow your brand and business.

Reason # 2 - Communicating Your True Message

Unlike advertising, public relations requires the use of different media channels to get your message out. It is not a typical billboard with your company name and product. Media channels will give your message actual influence.

Our deep knowledge of the luxury brand industry, its influencers, competitors, consumers’ interests and needs will make sure your message gets delivered in a complete and precise manner.

Reason # 3 - Maintaining Positive Relationships

Keeping ongoing and positive relationships with influencers, consumers, employees, groups, and others is significant in meeting needs, responding to requests, implementing strategy and eliminating the negativities that can ruin a growing luxury brand. A luxury brand public relations strategy needs a strong message to succeed in this high-barrier-of-entry market.

Reason # 4 - More Credibility, More Opportunity

The media is trusted by the public, thus making your messages more credible.

What We Do

A public relations strategy can be grueling, time-consuming and complicated to execute, especially with a luxury brand.

This is why A Design Partnership is here for you. With a proven track record, we have the tools and expertise to take your luxury brand to a more influential and successful level. This is how we do it:

  1. We Identify Challenges
  2. We Set Key Goals
  3. We Implement An Effective & Proven PR Strategy
  4. We Monitor & Fine Tune It
  5. We Achieve Our Goals

What now? Let's discuss your needs and determine how we can help. Book a free consultation with us by filling out the form below.