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What is Brand Consulting and Who Are We?

Brand consultants work with your brand to analyze and evaluate your overall branding efforts, such as identity, performance, and strategy.

A Design Partnership is a collective team of enthusiastic and dedicated brand transformists right here in Los Angeles.

Our brand consultants are creative and always looking to reach untouched heights. We can take brand to your goals and often beyond.

What We Do

A Design Partnership brand consulting aligns your overall brand efforts to an identity that will effectively reach your goals and surpass them. This is what we do:

  • Unpack your entire brand identity, performance and strategy.
  • Align everything to be consistent with your brand, such as colors, visuals and other marketing materials.
  • After everything is re-aligned, we will continue to analyze your brand, for any potential targets and determine how to position your brand to lock them in.
  • Set up an efficient brand architecture, which grows new business and products.

Getting your brand to succeed can be daunting. A Design Partnership can make your life simple, with a collective team of experienced and imaginative individuals, your brand will be in great hands.

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