The Age of the Designer

Design, despite being constantly undercut and looked down upon by the new 21st century working elite, developers, has once again risen to the pinnacle of today’s societal importance ladder. Often an ambiguous term that offers layman questions such as “so you do Photoshop?” and “do you make logos all day?”, the modern designer has evolved into an absolute necessity in today’s content-dependent, share-happy world. Whether labeled as a graphic designer, creative director, photographer, art director, web designer, product developer, marketing manager or content developer, the difference between brands that are succeeding and growing quickly online, and those that are stuck in the visual ‘90’s, is the proper hiring of a watchful aesthetic eye.

In our world today, design is literally everywhere. It has fused with engineering in every aspect of product creation, architecture, social media, brand strategy, and web development. A designer created the form of the iPhone in your hand that you use to scroll through Instagram shots painstakingly selected by a creative director while you walk in through the public library designed by a commercial designer. Design now spans print, digital, and physical realms in a congruent way never before seen in human history, and this has blazed the path for a new type of designer: the modern creative.

Gone are the days when a designer would go to work, and perform his individual design task day after day. In 2016, designers are general creatives who are forced early on by an interconnected world to develop their own personal aesthetic, and then utilize that design knowledge and natural skill across infinite platforms, careers, products, and styles. A typical day ranges from brand creative direction to social content creation, logo design to photo editing; in essence there is no typical day.

This new role of ‘All-Encompassing Creative’ is as important as ever to a brand’s success, especially in the early stages before they have developed a consistent and well-maintained brand personality. This was evidenced by the study that found 2015 startup companies hiring designers or creative directors, on average, a year earlier in the process than startups from 2009, according to Moz.

Don’t be a holdout company sharing blurry Google Images on Instagram and piecing together a site just to have something up: those days are behind us. Let’s have a conversation about how A Design Partnership’s incredible team of creatives can help you grow your business the right way. The aesthetic way.