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Millennials Are Innovating New Office Design

Millennials are often described as having a disruptive natural and changing industries, but in reality millennials are just looking to bring more balance to offices through the incorporation of diversity and the importance of a work life balance. The impact of millennials can’t be ignored, and with more of them entering the workforce, companies are trying to create an environment that appeals to them, in order to create loyalty, because millennials are notorious for hopping around and changing companies after only a year or two.


Collaborative in Nature:

With millennials having a collaborative nature, companies are looking for new ways to assist in that area and to let them have more collaborative environments.


All Play:

Companies are realizing that what might have worked for past generations, coming in working till lunch and then working till 5pm, isn’t what millennials are looking for. Instead millennials what to come in work, take a break, draw inspiration, go back to work, have lunch, work, and get some more inspiration before they leave. Different millennials draw inspiration from different pass times and because of that companies are creating game rooms, they game rooms encompass everything from libraries, to scrabble walls, to ping pong table anything that millennials can use to take a quick break from their work, so they don’t get a brain block and then come back ready to tackle the project. Having office meeting room designs where millennials can take a quick break is beneficial because it boasts their emotional state and lets them leave, so they don’t distract others that are in a work zone.


Adult Snacks:

Companywide happy hours isn’t a new thing; however, having in office bars is. By having in office bars it lets companies have companywide happy hours to bring in the weekend for employees working on Fridays or to celebrate a new client or a project approval. In office bars isn’t just a pull for millennials, but it is something millennials are spearheading because for them a good balance between work and play is important. An in office bar is a good way to balance out work and play, but as always, it is important to drink responsibly.


Don’t Forget Mother Nature:

Millennials are known to have a strong love for design elements that bring in indoor plants into the mix. They believe in the health benefits that indoor plants provide. However, companies are taking it a step forward and having company gardens that employees can tend to and grow plants from their own liking such as sunflowers or tomato plants. Tending to a garden is something that can give employees a stronger sense of purpose and a good inspiration break to water their plants. Company gardens are also seen as a collaborative and community effort that brings employees together.

Not all millennials are programed the same, so it is important to pick elements that appeal to the millennials that work in your office and fit with your office culture because the reason they are in your office is in part due to the office culture. And while this list is for what millennials are attracted to these are also elements that other employees from different generations can enjoy as well.

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How Does Culture Impact Your Business?


Culture is what we stand for and the type of people we are and attract. Our office space can often be a reflection of that and give employees a quick first look into the environment in the office. Office spaces reflect our culture by being an extension of what our culture is and what we stand for.

For companies that have an emphasis on health and wellness this can be expressed through their office design by having elements such as natural light, indoor plants, treadmill desk, and healthy snacks. These elements are an extension of what they stand for, and how they want their employees to feel when they are in the office. Natural light and indoor plants can give an overall better emotional feeling to the employees and things like treadmill desks or work out areas help to enhance endorphins and emphasize overall wellness. Having a wide variety of healthy snacks that cater to different allergies and preferences is important because then it can help make employees feel more included and give them more options to choose from.

Another way culture can affect our office design is, when a brand really resonates with its location or has a strong story to tell. Examples of this is that when offices are located in big cities like Los Angeles or New York City, the city can be a pull, and a reason why someone has chosen that job. By having element that remind employees of the city like cacti, ethereal prints, and photos of the ocean in Los Angeles and clean lines, subway grids, and images of skyscrapers in New York City, can work to set the tone and feel of the office.

Culture is something that companies put forth and have a strong sense of purpose connected to it. Design elements, along with the people that work there help to bring the culture to life. Culture builds the connection to the company and design helps set the stage.

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