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CMO's Guide to Influencer Marketing

Ever wonder why Justin Beiber is starring in T-mobile commercials? His career has almost nothing to do with cell phones, yet T-mobile is paying him the big bucks.  A few years ago the secret came out. If you’re doing online marketing, you need to invest in good content marketing. In the scheme of things, quality content IS key, but it does not stand alone. Unless the world knows about your amazing content, it may not do you much good. No one will know to look at it. But once you create the content, you have to find a way to get it in the eyes of your audience. This is influencer marketing. 

What is influencer marketing?

Influencers are the people with the ability to influence buyers. They may be celebrities, experts, trendsetters, or bloggers and they exist on every channel of media. Influencer marketing is the process of developing relationships with these people that assist you in creating visibility for your product, service, or brand. Influencer marketing has a lot of value to offer including brand position, social proofing, and offering trusted reviews. When properly executed, it is one of the most effective ingredients in your online campaigns.

What can influencers do?

Influencer marketing comes in many forms depending on the needs of your company. Before you sit down to ask what they can do for you, consider what your business wants to accomplish. The sky is the limit regarding creating an influencer plan, but here are the most common ways to work with them:

1.     They can share information about you or your company in their social media accounts. This often means reviewing your product for their audience or a shoutout.

2.     They can write a blog post about you or your company. Even a small blurb with a link can have profound effects.

3.     You can guest blog on their site or social media. This is great to make life a little easier for them. It is a win-win. You create quality content for them, and they feed you traffic and credibility

4.     Any combination of the above

How can I get started?

There are a few basic approaches to help you get started with influencer marketing. The first thing to know is that this partnering with you is how they make their money. It’s what they do for a living, so do not be afraid to reach out.

Before you start your influencer campaign, you’ll need to find influencers. These will be the accounts in your field or industry with high engagement or a similar target audience. Note that there are also excellent tools for discovering influencers on each platform.

Next, you'll want to build a relationship with them. You can build this relationship organically over time by subscribing, liking, commenting and genuinely engaging. The time and effort pays off when the influencer responds, you gain his or her trust, and your content is shared. You might also choose to reach out to influencers actively by asking to guest blog or try out your product. Once you build a relationship, be sure to include in your offer what they can gain from partnering with you.

The payout from influencer marketing is astonishing, but so many small companies avoid this strategy because they are afraid to reach out and ask for help. If you are looking for a hand in your influencer campaign, do not be afraid to contact Zack at: