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Basic Marketing Tips That Can Help Grow Your Business

Modern marketing is undoubtedly complex, especially the realm of digital marketing. The rules of Search Engine Optimization are endless and ever-changing. There are thousands of online marketing tools and a hundred more traditional marketing tools. The field is heavy in data and analytics. And all of this can, at times, be overwhelming; especially when you do not know where to start. Unless you are paying someone to run the marketing campaigns (and we can suggest a highly-qualified company), it all seems like too much. When you are running your marketing campaign on a low budget, you have to know which efforts are essential, and which ones can wait. These are the absolute bare minimums of marketing for the beginnings digital success:

Google Business: By now, you already know Google is one of the most powerful web tools and the most widely-used search engine. Therefore, you want to make sure Google Business knows about your company. Google Business ensures that when customers are looking for your company, they have easy access to your phone number, address, and hours. To access and edit your Google Business account, you’ll need to create a Google account (typically this is through Gmail). Then, you can, add or claim your business and then verify your business listing so it's eligible to appear on Maps, Search, and other Google services. Also be sure to set up Google Analytics on your page.

Social Media: Believe it or not, although social media is essential for branding these days, it should not be heavy in sales pitches. More than anything, it is a way for companies and individuals to tell their stories and engage with their audiences. This means sharing images, videos, and experiences that are unique to your company. Make sure you have a minimum of 2 social media platforms that your company is actively using. Think of it as a customer service platform where you can create trust. On social media, you can gauge what your customers are saying about you, and equally important, what they are saying to you. If you become aware of any problems, you can be more responsive by addressing them promptly and personally.

Email Exclusives on a Growing List: Reward your current customers and social media followers with exclusive offers. This serves two functions; it gives your customers incentive for engaging with your company, creating a more formal relationship. It also allows you to increase your opportunity for sales and therefore increase your customer lifetime value. Try adding a subscription box to your blog in exchange for a coupon code or hosting an Instagram giveaway exclusively for your followers. Be sure to set up email captures on your website and perhaps run Lead Ads on Facebook to grow your list.

Easy to Navigate Website: Lastly, you want to make sure your website is easy to use. Good website performance and a positive user experience should be counted as marketing efforts in your budget. You want your hours and location easy to find. All products well-categorized, and a user-friendly e-commerce page. Hiring a professional web developer is an investment in the value of your company. Then, make sure your website it tested for functionality. A qualified marketing company knows how to do this, but you can pay companies like User Testing to have your target customer test it.

Now that you have the bare minimums, you should also know that we offer free consultations. If you need help with the tools we listed above, or would like a brand consultation for where you should take your marketing next, we would be happy to assist. You can email us at: