3 Simple Strategies to Capture Leads from Your Website Traffic

In 2016, everyone is a lead to somebody. Every viral Instagram feed we follow, helpful advice article we read on our favorite blog site, YouTube review and (absolutely) email we receive is pushing us down a lead generation funnel in the hopes of eventually capitalizing on our usage of free content and getting us to buy something. Gone are the days where you could buy a billboard and a couple print ad pages in a trade magazine and call it a day at the advertising office. In our digital era, where content is proliferated at speeds exponential to anytime before this year, how does a brand stand out? How do you keep your potential customers engaged and interested in what you have to say until they are, eventually, ready to buy?

On average, modern websites convert around 2.5% of visitors. What happens to that other 97.5%? Just because they didn’t purchase doesn’t mean they weren’t interested: 50% of web visitors intend to return at a later date, according to data gathered by The Miller Agency, most simply forget or are lost in the noise. Before you can nurture a lead you have to capture it to begin, so let’s talk about the three main strategies for nabbing your visitors.

  • Retargeting Advertising. Retargeting is the simplest way to capture your site visitors and consistently remind them of your products after they leave. Basically, when visitors come to your site (to read your blog, to check out a product, to watch a cat video), a retargeting company such as AdRoll or Merchenta captures their cookies, which, despite how it sounds, does not imply any theft of tasty snacks. Cookies are the identifiers which allow websites you visit to continually advertise to you on Facebook and various locations around the web after you leave. The negative side of retargeting is that you can’t truly engage with your audience list outside of simply barraging them with advertisements, which is why the following two strategies remain more popular.
  • Email Marketing. Despite all the new technologies surrounding digital advertising, good old email marketing remains the most powerful style of online advertising, if used correctly. After capturing visitors emails through content-lead-captures (e-books, PDF’s), standard website email captures, contests or giveaways, or experiential captures, a properly maintained email list is a massively powerful tool for conversion. However, the main item to remember is that nobody likes to be continually sold, especially in their intimate inbox. Remember the kinds of emails that you authentically enjoy getting from companies, and replicate those in your own niche. Offer recipes, advice, deals, and quality content on automated flows directed towards segments of your email list which you’ve set up in your client such as MailChimp or Klaviyo.
  • Social Media. The easiest style of lead capture, though with the lowest conversion rates, is definitely company social media. The same rules apply as email marketing except for to an even greater extreme – social media users will immediately tune your company out if your content is salesy or inauthentic. Develop a brand strategy filled with quality content that you can offer your fans and followers that will keep them continually checking in, or risk being lost in the ever-growing digital noise. Hire professional photographers to do photo shoots of your products, office, and team; put together creative and funny videos; hire a strong writing team to develop blog content; and keep on pushing out the quality content. The time to sell will eventually come, and if you’ve been offering great stuff, your audience will be ready to buy. To capture social likes from your website you can’t simply hide your social buttons down at the bottom of your home page – you need to make them a feature of your site. Have your Instagram feed prominently channeling through on your page, have large share buttons prominent on your blog, and be sure to have them in all employee email signatures!

After you’ve captured your leads, mix in a healthy amount of discounts and giveaways in with high-quality content that isn’t directly selling your product or service. Continue to develop your brand as a consistent and recognizable entity, and the sales will come.

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