Hotel Trends, HD Expo and more

HD Expo this past month was filled with familiar faces in one of the hubs of hospitality, “Sin City”. Vendors from all of the globe came to showcase.

We have seen a welcomed influx of softer color palates, cleaner lines in case goods and seating as well as luxe wallpaper, fabrics and carpets.

As boutique has become a strong trend in hospitality with forward designs, incorporating local flair, artisans and technology. Consumers are looking for an experience that feels intimate, like a home away from home where priority is creativity and neighborhood feel. This has travelers weighing design and experience over comfort and service.

The purpose of travel for millennials and Gen x’s is much more of a mix of “bleisure” then ever before. With an average stay being 2 nights, the boutique trend hits the nail on the head.

As stays extend to 3 – 4 nights in major US cities, there is a demand for the kind of service reminiscent of a past time where comfort and luxury were far more prevalent then trend. We are starting to see a slight shift in consumer mindset.

Defining luxury and comfort by use of materials, the way you sink into a couch or feel when you get into crisp cotton percale sheets of superior quality as opposed to intricate and elaborate designs or patterns.

This shift in mindset is paving the path for a whole new kind of elevated boutique experience where aesthetic + neighborhood feel meet comfort + service. Efficiency and convenience are at the forefront. Specifically designed for the on-go-customer who wants to be able to have a 28 minute work out provide the results of 60 minute work out.

So what does this all look like? It incorporates the softness and neutrals that we saw at HD Expo. A blend of blues and beiges with cream and nude colors. Copper and brass hardware and light maple wood case goods and paneling. It is ergonomic, tech savvy and personal.

At ADP we believe in a theory called Juju, which means that we anticipate our clients needs before they do. We do our best to see what is coming around the corner, we are ready for the task before our clients know it exists. It’s great to see the shift into superior client service on the property level as well.

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