Why your Architectural Firm Should Consider a Marketing Agency

What is marketing?

Today marketing is a tool that every businessperson should know a little about. Undoubtedly, all companies in one way or another use marketing techniques, sometimes without knowing it.

However, if you ask for a definition, some people would say it is selling, and others would say it is advertising. We would have those people who think that marketing is the distribution of products, others would think that is to design packaging. And we could also say that everyone who says this is a little bit right, but not completely.

What is the objective of a marketing agency?

There are plenty of factors that can determine the success or the failure of a company. That is why the goal of a marketing firm is to improve the sales and generate more profits for a company, not only providing them more exposure but also by providing targeted exposure. This means being capable of reaching potential customers, who have already shown interests in the product or service.

So why do you need a marketing agency for your architecture firm?

In its basic conception, architects offer the necessary knowledge to obtain and create buildings that are well constructed and function to meet various requirements. But architecture also has a cultural remnant; it aims to go further and provide an aesthetic vision about space that differentiates its users as bearers of a particular identity. It is at this point that architectural cross the promotional needs of marketing technique to convey that message. We understand architecture as an art and how to describe that work to a bigger audience.

The idea of arketing for your architectural firm is then to find new jobs both profitable and desirable and increase awareness of your brand. Companies must differentiate themselves and gain recognition from customers. The problems that most architectural firms currently face are diverse but among the most common ones we find: spending fortunes on digital photographers and galleries with very little notorious results, always appearing on shortlists but never being selected for the projects. Traditional methods of advertising do not bring enough benefits to your firm.

The 5 main reasons architectural firms use marketing agencies:

1.     It is profitable: the value you will invest is the best that can exist. With a solid marketing agency, ever bit of money comes back to you in sales. Then, you have the added benefit of increasing the competitiveness and image of your firm.

2.     Marketing requires continuous learning: With changes in technology, we have to adapt new techniques and adjust to new software continuously. Architectural firms statistically don't have a lot of personnel, so having a department in a company in continuous education means subtracting resources and time dedicated to executing the projects.

3.     Marketing agencies already have the infrastructure: a marketing company has sufficient resources and materials to deal with the necessary campaigns. Handling marketing yourself means purchasing online tools, servers, domains, links and so on. The initial infrastructure is extremely costly and requires some trial and error. However, a marketing agency already understands the tools and processes produce results.

4.     It is cheaper: Hiring a good marketing company allows you to rely on those professionals for a lower cost than pay for your staff to implement marketing efforts or paying a full-time marketer with salary and benefits. You also have the added assurance that the professional is more knowledgeable than your staff.

5.     You can always end the contract: You are not obligated to continue services if the marketing agency does not provide results. The process is easy; simply do not renew the contract, and there is no penalty. Having a worker means paying severance pay, and let's not talk about having to dismiss a whole marketing office inside your firm.

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