When is it the Right Time to Outsource your Marketing

For most business owners, it is easy to try to take on multiple departments for the sake of running a business. Especially in the beginning, you are the accounting team, the managerial them, the CEO, and the marketing team. And luckily, there are many marketing basics you can do yourself. However, there will come a time when you cannot keep up with your marketing efforts, or your company has outgrown your marketing skills, and you realize you need to hire experts to handle the marketing for you. What are the signs that it is time to hire a marketing agency?

1.     You haven’t reviewed your web analytics in at least a month.

How many people visit your site monthly? Where do your visitors live? Do you need a mobile-friendly website? What websites or social platforms send traffic to your site? What tactics drive the most traffic to your website? Which pages on your website are the most popular? These metrics change regularly, and you need to watch them carefully. At a minimum, review them and draw conclusion monthly (if not daily) to track the progress of your marketing efforts. If it has been more than a month since you looked at your website analytics, it is time to outsource your marketing.

If you do not know how to access these metrics, you should have already outsourced your marketing.

2.     You “just do not have time” to write your blog or update your website.

Creating content and updating your blog is the minimum for your marketing strategy. It provides your audience value, increases your SEO, updates the status of your website, and gives your brand credibility. In fact, do not bother paying for Google Adwords if you do not have time to keep your online facade up-to-date.

We have great tactics for how to make content easier and faster. If after reading those techniques you are still struggling to keep up, it is time to outsource your marketing.

3.     You have messages in your social media that have gone unanswered for several days.

Your social media is your frontline and direct access to your audience. When you do not have time to answer them there, your fans assume they will find the same lack of service on-site of your business. You should aim to answer all messages within 3-8 hours. When your social media presence is small, it is not very hard to keep up. However, with proper social media marketing efforts, you will have many fans in no time. When you struggle to respond to your fans within 8 hours, it is time to outsource your marketing.

4.     You do not know your marketing ROI.

ROI stands for return on investment. Ideally, you should not only have outlined a marketing budget (this is the first thing we will ask you), but you should also be able to track the exact amount of sales or traffic is generated by each dollar. ROI is the fundamental metric for making sure your marketing efforts are worth what you are paying.

Give us a call, and we will be happy to explain how to calculate the ROI of your given efforts. If you stop tracking it, it is time to outsource your marketing efforts.

5.     You have not taken the time to consider your SEO strategy, or you do not want to keep up with the changing SEO rules.

Yes, it is the biggest complaint of SEO; the rules and metrics are always changing. It is true. We also have to spend time continually educating ourselves. However, Google is the most powerful marketing tools in the world, so your marketing team has to understand it. When you get sick of reading about SEO algorithms, it is time to outsource your marketing.

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