Drive Traffic to Your Website and Turn Visitors Into Leads

The quality of your website is crucial to your business. We no longer rely on phonebooks or business cards to get in touch, now when someone is looking to find information about your services, their first instinct is to check your website. Within 10-15 seconds the quality of your website can make or break their decision. It’s imperative to make sure your brand’s online presence, not just on social media, is cohesive with your physical brand. If you offer luxury services than your website should be up-to-date with a modern design that is both computer and mobile friendly. A visually stimulating website will drive more traffic to your website and help turn the visitors into potential clients. Here are a few key things to consider in order to drive more traffic to your website and increase leads.

Domain Name

If you’re a new business or in the process of rebranding, make sure you pick a domain people can remember. Where some businesses suffer is having a .com that is not in alignment with their brand. Strive for names that are short, and easy to remember. The easier your domain is to remember, the better is if for SEO. If your domain is unsearchable, it can lead to loss of traffic and potential sales.

Loading Speed

Nowadays, people move on the impression that more content and more features on your site will keep users from leaving. That is a fair account, but if your site isn’t loading fast enough or has a delay, it’s very possible you could lose that person’s interest. Before actively launching your website, test the speeds of each page, each click, and make sure all images are correctly sized and loading without looking over or under pixelated. Research the best hosts to guarantee no malfunctions on your site. Also keep in mind mobile users. More commonly than not, majority of today’s users are mobile surfing and expect quick and easily accessible information.

Strong Presence

Your website is a calling card. The first time any user logs on they should step right into your world and become a part of your story. Web shares, sales, re-blogs and downloads are all accessible when visitors can understand what your site offers and its convenience and relevancy to their needs. A strong homepage is meant to entice visitors to continue exploring and find their role within the story your site is telling. If the content on your homepage feels inconsistent to the ads or content sources driving your visitors to your site, they may leave immediately. Be strong and conscious of what and how you display your service. Again, you have a very short window of time to impress visitors arriving to your site, so make it an everlasting impression.

We build websites to better our business, but if we fail to maintain a professional presence online than we create the opportunity to lose visitors. You have one chance to capture a lead’s interest with your website, so make it count! If you’re looking to increase your online presence, email us today at: