Current Trends to Keep In Mind When Updating Your Website

Trends are ever evolving and in order to stay current, we must evolve with them. Technology is something we can not predict, but we can learn to understand it. There are tons of website hosts that can provide templates for your site and make it a quick and easy fix, but really dialing in and customizing your user’s experience will not go unnoticed. There are many ways to attract the eye of your visitors, so we’ve put together a few tips to keep in mind for your next website update.

·       Your website should be professionally designed, interactive, engaging, mobile friendly and easy to navigate. Try to avoid the traditional clogged up pages by minimizing your page design to keep every detail in proportion. Take note the use of white space and less use of icons or images. One of the strongest site designs has been Parallax. The all scrolling function is a versatile mechanic for seamless delivery of content on your site. It works well with images and video based content where large hi-res visuals play and pause as the user scrolls. Keeping your content at the scroll of a finger keeps users engaged and able to quickly find the information they are looking for.

·       Site Navigation is the pulse of website strategy. Organize your pages with strong terms and categorize them appropriately on your page’s menu. Users must know what they are looking for and shouldn’t have to play the guessing game on where to go. Your site should be a quick and easy click.

·       Always use approachable text. No one wants to read something that sounds like a term paper. You want your wording to be informative, not too salesy, so that your website can play as the start to your conversation with potential leads. Using words or phrases that your visitors may not recognize can definitely turn them away. Information on your site should be written as though you’re speaking directly to the visitor, so use terms like “you” and “we.” An informal tone is better than stiff, corporate.

·       Provide relevant information. When users search the web, they’re seeking answers. Visitors want honest and transparent information that will help them make an educated decision. If your site doesn’t provide the facts, the visitor will move on to the next one. Studies show information-rich websites are the most effective in converting visitors into serious leads.

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