Email Marketing Tips with Faina

We have so many outlets today that were made to help us reach a larger audience. From social media, to online advertising, to email marketing, we have the opportunity to get our products and services in front of millions of people. The question that remains is how to effectively do so. Today in particular we are focusing on email marketing. Not email spamming, but strategic, targeted email marketing. Faina Dreyster, our email marketing extraordinaire, has gathered a few tips to help you plan an effective email marketing campaign.  

1. Know your target audience
Email marketing is targeted, you are reaching the person directly through their inbox, not through the vast universe of internet. Use this opportunity wisely and precisely. Ask yourself: am I sending the right information, offer, product to the right people? You wouldn't sell ice to an Eskimo, so make sure your email doesn't miss the point. Research your client's characteristics, spending habits, location and needs, the industry and the competitors they face. Above all, know what their pain points are and offer a solution.

2. Catch attention with images but keep the text
Attention span is down to 8 seconds and 94% more views, on average, are attracted by content containing compelling images. But some email programs will block images or ask a client to download them which equals an extra click for the user. Therefore, if you have a block of text, make sure it's not an image. That way everyone can get an idea of what your email content is. And don't forget those Alt. tags!

3. Keep text block, 'snack sized'
No one has the time to read paragraphs of information, no matter how compelling or relevant. But you can tantalize their attention with snackable portions. Get their interest in a sentence or two and then CTA to full article. You don't want your clients staying glued to your email, you want to drive traffic to your site where they can interact with your content, purchase your product and tell everyone how awesome you are.

4. Don’t spam out in your subject line.

Treat your subject line as the gate keeper. Here are two reasons why. First, you want to make sure nothing in your subject line rallies spam filters and blocks your email from ever reaching your clients. Don't shout in all caps, don't put $ sign everywhere, keep that exclamation point in check. And here is reason #2: If your subject line isn't interesting enough, relevant to your target audience or at least peaks curiosity, no one will open it. So, get creative.

5. Create great FREE content and pitch sparingly.
Everyone has pain points, problems that cause them money or time, or plateau their returns. If you have a solution, talk about it: create an eBook, a podcast, blog about it and then give it away for FREE. This will create value, the kind that everyone will want. So why give it away? Because it'll drive traffic to your site, create leads, establish trust and create a paying repeat costumer. You'll barely have to pitch your services.

6. Treat their inbox like it's their house.
Treat each email address with great care. Look at your client's inbox the same way you would a friend's house. You wouldn't just walk in without permission. You wouldn't bring junk into their space. So, don't do this with email. Do what your mama taught you: treat others the way you want to be treated.

Leads can be generated from across the internet. It’s important to make sure you are effectively utilizing the platforms you have to connect with your audience, email marketing is just the start. If you’re looking to expand your marketing strategy, let’s chat: