Are Influencers Beneficial to Your Marketing Solutions

Back in February, we wrote The CMOs Guide to Influencer Marketing, and already in such a short time have referred several clients to that article. With the influence of social media, influencer marketing is a relatively new term, but not likely a trend that will be going away anytime soon. As we urge our clients to amp up their influencer efforts, we find many are still unsure as to how to use the power of social media influencers to create effective campaigns.

We get this question a lot. “I understand it in theory, but will influencer marketing work for me?”

The simple answer is, “YES, it will work for anyone.”

But the reality is, like any other type of campaign, it's not magic. Influencer marketing only works when you apply a strategy. Here are a few reasons why we think influencer marketing is right for you.

1.     Organic Connection with your Audience

If you find it difficult to directly connect with your audience, influencer marketing opens a new dialogue between you and your consumers. It allows your followers to directly see who is using your product and services and why they enjoy it so much. This is a huge advantage for your company as word of mouth is one of the best ways to create brand awareness. Your audience will enjoy seeing a familiar face sharing what your company has to offer.

2.     No More Banner Ads

Consumers have reached a level where they don’t even acknowledge traditional ads online anymore. New softwares have been developed that prevent ads from even being displayed on your desktop, so spending time to create a banner ad in the header and then multiple ads along the sidebar can become somewhat of a waste of time. Working with the right influencers in your targeted market will be much more beneficial for your marketing campaign.

3.     Higher ROI

Many studies have shown that influencer content generates ROI that is 11 times greater than traditional digital campaigns. There is a tremendous amount of data available that proves just how effective influencer marketing can be. No, it won’t take your start-up to a million dollar company in 2 months, but there are enough proven case studies that suggest influencer marketing is something every brand should at least try and explore.  

4.     Your Placing Your Product or Service Right In front of Your Target Audience

The point of influencers is to place your offer smack dap in the face of your target market on social media. Think about how many times a day people are checking their phone and refreshing their Instagram feed. The consumer industry is hungry for knowledge and eager to find something new and exciting. They follow hundreds of people including influencers and bloggers to stay up to date with the latest trends and product finds.

Influencer Marketing does come with a heavier price tag, but it’s results are worth the investment. Before jumping into large relationships, figure out a budget you’d like to start with and we’ll work together to appropriately place your company in front of the right audience. Email us today at: to discuss how we can take your marketing solutions to a new level with influencer marketing campaigns.