Creating A Communications Strategy that Results in Large Media Placements

As designers and architects, completing the project can often feel like the last step. But why do such incredible work and not share it with the world. From local magazines to large publications, there are plenty of opportunities to showcase your completed projects. We sat down with our PR Team, to discuss what strategies should be implemented when preparing to submit for media placements.

Show Your Work

The phrase continues to be relevant, content is king! Gorgeous, high resolutions images of new projects are vital in securing great placements. Investing in a professional photographer will only better your chance of your project getting picked up. Often, you can work with your client who may be planning to photograph the space as well.

Find Your Specialty

Your specialty is what makes you, or your brand, stand out from the rest. Find something that is unique to your company and run with it. For example, are you an expert in historical renovations? Offer to be an expert in upcoming stories on that topic. This also helps to establish an ongoing relationship for future work.

Set Realistic Goals

Not everyone is going to make it on the cover of Architectural Digest, but maybe your project will work for a local magazine or trade publication. Read about the different publications you want to be in and see what they’re looking for. Prospective clients will be looking for your style in a certain place, so that’s where you want to be. 

Get Creative

If you find that editors are not biting on your current projects, try something different. Apply for speaking opportunities, pen an opt-ed story for LinkedIn or host an event at one of your project’s locations. Anything that helps to get media to see you as a design expert will only increase your chance of working with editors on future stories.

Building a communications strategy is vital to securing media placements. It’s important to know which publications fit the aesthetic of your brand and which might seem like a good selection, but may not have the right audience. If you’re looking for a team to build a strategy for you, email us at: