Topics to Get Your Hotel Blog Started

When customers come to us asking about how to grow their website traffic, we have some suggestions, but of course, one option stands out above the rest. If you’ve been following our blog since December, you already know the answer. When it comes to inbound marketing  strategies, blogging is our first suggestion. Why?

It’s helpful and entertaining to clients. It establishes your company as an expert, and it increases your website SEO rankings. Yet so many businesses feel as though maintaining a blog is difficult. They either don’t know what to write about, or don’t have time. But starting off your hotel blog should not be a tedious task. If you love your area and you love what your hotel is doing, 400-700 words should come pretty naturally.

After talking with several clients about how to jumpstart their blogs, we came up with this list of easy and exciting topics to get your hotel blog started.

Where the locals eat in your city

How often do you travel and find yourself eating the same food you would at home, or worse, getting sucked into expensive tourist food. The reality is, Tripadvisor does not always make good suggestions, and guests end up missing one of the best pieces of culture just because they do not know where to look!

Put together a list of local eats near your hotel. Be sure to include a quick option, a cheap option, a vegetarian option, and an option with local flair. Be sure to include the address with directions from your hotel, a description of the food, and a picture. Then, share this on the Facebook or twitter of the local tourist office.

Best views in your city

Where is the best place to watch the sunset? Where is the best place to get great pictures of the scenery? Where is the most romantic overlook?

Help your guests fall in love with your city by offering an experience they cannot pay for. Curate this list with images and addresses or directions. Then, ask guests to give their feedback on the list and share any photos taken.

A quick history of your hotel name or the building

If your hotel or building has a fascinating history, share it! This story is what makes your hotel unique. Include any relationship with historical events, famous people, and major renovations. Be sure to include old photos of related individuals or the exterior for readers to compare changes.

Share this blog with your local historical society to help you circulate the blog. They may be interested in adding new facts to their archives. History buffs will love this post.

Your city in one day for less than $100

In the interest of saving money, help your guest plan an amazing itinerary for less than the price of one night’s stay. Every tourist knows how to google the top tourist attractions in the city, but often these attractions are costly, especially if a guest is traveling with family or just there to do business.

Come up with an itinerary to help them understand what makes your city special without breaking their banks. Plan for 1-2 activities in the morning, a central location with a lot of options for lunch, 2-3 activities in the evening, and a great place to get a beer or go dancing at night. This is also an excellent opportunity to work out partnerships with other local businesses by offering an exclusive referral discount.

In conclusion, writing your blog does not have to be labor intensive. Each city and hotel is unique which means you have a lot to share with the world. Write about what you know and love. Your city, your food, your history, and the rest will come flow easily. For more information about getting your hotel blog started, email us at: