Marketing Trends CMOs Cannot Deny

We’re lucky to live in a time where there are endless marketing tools that allow us to step into the mind of our consumers. We’re given the ability to measure behaviors and see which tools and techniques give us the best results and which we should stop using right now. There is so much information circulating around that we need these tools to record and analyze every second of our consumer’s behavior. Every click, time expended, etc. can produce results that leave marketers with conclusions. These mass findings form trends. It is brilliant! CMO's can’t deny that the market is saying what people want to see and how they want to see it.

Location-Based Marketing:

Every location has its unique characteristics, and the audiences have different cultures. Local marketing is all about understanding the culture and supporting it. In digital marketing, we can do the same. Facebook and Google have made local targeting easy. If we pay close attention to the local climate, we can create advertisements and campaigns that not only target them and their interests, but we can make what your company does interesting and fun.

Post-Click Marketing:

We can record literally everything that the user is doing on our websites from where they spend most of their time, to the areas of the website they are not so much into. Post-click marketing focuses on how we analyze those decisions and act on them.

We can target specific behaviors, like filling up the online cart and then letting the page go inactive after 30 minutes. Before, our client likely closed the tab and never bought the products sitting in the cart. Now, we can prompt them with a special discount after 10 minutes of cart inactivity and convince them to move forward with the purchase. If a reader spends a lot of time reading about the benefits of our products, we can prompt them via email to share a review of those benefits six weeks after purchasing.

Because post-click marketing is guided by behaviors, it is 100% customer-focused and the most accurate way to market. Now that the technology is developed, this trend will never go away.


How impressive is it to humanize the web? With the increased focus on artificial intelligence, we can. Much like Siri, Google, and our websites can contain intelligent bots that react intelligently with a human-like response.

Chatbots can make small talk, compliment users, and even make a fast analysis of the best-valued product for each potential customer by "listening" to their needs. Sounds creepy, but people like getting custom responses quickly. As this technology further develops, it will reduce the amount of time needed for the sales process and yield higher customer satisfaction.

We live in a world where data is in our faces. CMOs stare at hundreds of metrics every day, yet some marketers are taking the lazy approach by ignoring the obvious. Big data provides us with enormous opportunities, but that information comes with much responsibility. Email us at: to see what’s missing from your marketing plan.