The Recipe for Success: Building Your Brand as an Interior Designer

There is no denying the term “brand” is trending right now, but we often see it used incorrectly. We tend to see the use of the words brand, company, or organization used interchangeably, however your brand is distinctly different from your business model. By definition, a brand is both more permanent, more deep, and more definitive than the services or products a company offers or the colors they choose to represent them. Certainly, the naming of your company and logo selection is important, but your company may change logos and colors several times over the years as the business grows. A meaningful brand is steadfast and devoted. Furthermore, A brand is not a brand unless it leaves a meaningful lasting impression.

Meaningful brands give people the ability to express themselves

Stop overloading your platforms with content for the sake of growing an audience. Quality is far more important than quantity. Your content should be an extension of your brand’s expression. Creating a brand is about creating content that expresses the things your audience feels and WANTS to share themselves. When they see it, they are compelled to reshare it because it is more than just cool. By sharing your content, your audience is able to show their enthusiasm for a concept, idea, or interest you've given them. You never want your shared content to feel like a commercial or ad.

Meaningful brands stand for something above and beyond their products or services

The core to any brand is having a clear mission and set of values that are about more than the money you make from your products or services. Your audience wants to know how and when you got started, what morals your business was found on, they want to know if your work benefits a cause. You want to empower your audience with your success story. We are not suggesting you align your brand with a cause simply to win over your fans, but you should take a bold stance on your core values. Do not be afraid to share those values and make decisions by them. This is how you stand out and build loyalty.

Meaningful Brands Engage in a Timely and Authentic Way

We do not mean to sound repetitive here, but engagement is at the heart leaving a lasting impression. Your fans want to be engaged and entertained by the companies they do business with. What do we mean by authentic? All communications need to be backed by genuine concern and care for your customers. Fixing broken customer experiences is the number one priority, but engagement goes beyond that. Authenticity means having a sense of humor and humility, using the appropriate tone and vocabulary of your community, and speaking up about timely issues concerning your community. 

Meaningful Brands Create Relationships Within Their Industry

It is important for you to realize that the goal of a brand is not to conquer an industry, but rather to become a leading voice. What does a leader do? Usually a great amount of their time is forming relationships. This means standing next to the companies and the people that align with what your brand stands for. Not only do these interactions increase your reputation and visibility, it also opens doors for a wide range of collaborative opportunities.

A Design Partnership is more than a marketing company. We are your partners in developing and maintaining a lasting, meaningful brand. We are committed to your vision and want to help you express it to the world. If you’re ready to become a leading voice in the Interior Design industry, email us at: