The Recipe for Success: Facebook Advertising for Interior Designers

When it comes to social media, no other platform compares to Facebook. Facebook has remained the largest social media platform since 2004 with 1.79 billion monthly users. That's nearly double Whatsapp's metrics, the second biggest. Moreover, Facebook is THE powerhouse database of people. From bridging the gap between companies and their clients to connecting friends and family members across the world, Facebook has completely changed the social media playing field. This is especially true for businesses. Those databases of people, their locations, and their interests helps any marketing efforts be highly successful. If you want a digital marketing army, you need Facebook on your team.

Setting up your Facebook:

Of course, your company cannot reap the benefits of Facebook without first having a business page. Setting one up is relatively easy, and it is free. You will have to be logged into your personal Facebook account in order to create your new business page. For a short-cut, you can follow this link After inputting your address, phone number, and adding your profile picture, you will want to change the vanity link to make sure it is easy for users to get to your business page. You probably want it to appear something like Now, you are all set up and ready to start acquiring fans.

Creating content:

Anything you post on Facebook is considered content. While statistics show videos and images are the most consumable, consider every piece of content you post an opportunity for increased engagement. Remember, you are not boring and your designs are not either. Allow your posts to reflect your creative nature and have fun with it. It can also be extremely helpful to schedule out your posts in advance. Doing so helps to maintain a consistent flow of material while allowing you to not get caught up everyday worrying what to share on your feed. When scheduling, keep in mind posting at optimal times of the day when people are using their phone the most such as their lunch break, or reading the news on their phone with their morning coffee. Taking time to study your consumer will only benefit your use of any social platform.


Facebook is one of the easiest platforms for interacting with your audience, making your community building easier than ever. The best method is to make sure you are providing your online audience with the same customer service as you would in person. Answer questions quickly, and give them resources to help them with any concerns or decisions. You can also initiate a conversation by asking your fans to participate in giveaways or addressing them personally through your posts. The more you interact with your audience, the stronger their loyalty will be in helping to build your community.


Boosting your posts is a feature Facebook provides with business accounts to help your content reach bigger audiences. You have your friends and followers on Facebook, but you also have your fans which have come across your page and liked it. Boosting your posts ensures that more of the people who are already your fans will also see your shared content. The key with Facebook is to not only have the likes, but to actually have an engaged audience sharing and reposting your content. 


Probably the biggest appeal of Facebook for businesses is the accuracy of targeting ads. This means if you have great content and you are targeting the right demographics, you can attract NEW fans and make new audiences aware of your brand. The first step to targeting your audience on Facebook is to very clearly understand their demographics. Choose exactly who you want to reach by geo-targeting specific locations. Then, you can add the preferred ages, gender, and languages. You can even choose to display the ads to an audience based on interests, which we find to be extremely successful.

Because of its many functions, Facebook can be difficult to navigate at first. There are so many benefits for your company, but it can often feel overwhelming. If you're ready to start Facebook Advertising, but need someone who is fluent with all the tools, email us at: