The Recipe for Success: Modern Web Design for Interior Designers

An original, creative web design goes a long way. And as technology turns the novice computer user into a novice web-designer, old-school websites no longer seem to cut it. A Modern, trendy, and stylish design is an essential piece of improving the user experience of a website. We’ve put together a few tips and essentials for interior designers who are ready to join the world of modern web design.

Unique Typography

Every company needs a particular font or typography that they use to help their customers immediately identify them. This is especially important in our field where aesthetics set the tone, mood, and image of who we are. Think of typography as a type of brand expression. This is true not only for your headlines but even the details in the fine print. Titles and headlines should ooze with personality, but no font should exceed its recommended dosage. Apply lavish typefaces sparingly to headlines for flavor, but balance it with a rule of 90/10. This will allow your featured typography to stand out and your brand to shine.

Hero Images

A hero image refers to a website banner, which is usually a over-sized images at the very top of a website. It is often the first thing users see when they click through to a site, so think of it as an introduction; they give users a sense of what to expect from the rest of the site. For this reason, your hero image should be directly related to the content of your website. With a great designer, you can incorporate vector backgrounds, illustrated artwork, and even animated videos. When implemented effectively, it helps drive visitors further into your website by giving them a glance beneath the surface.

Background Videos

Although background images are still the most popular choice, video backgrounds also gain traction. Videos that automatically play in the background add a lot of depth to a page by creating a storytelling element and can give the visitor an idea of what to expect reducing the need for explanation. Fullscreen background videos, while relatively new, are extremely edgy. Before, adding a background video required extensive coding skills, but now all you need is java and Wordpress plugins.

Design Cards

Design cards came about with the rise of Pinterest and the desire to scan through options quickly and visually. Design cards are those little rectangular images with text that serve as a quick summary of a process or product. Upon clicking them or scrolling over them, a reader can find more detailed information. As of lately, they are the easiest and most compelling way to display products and ideas on a website allowing companies to personalize their experience clicking through your website.

Hidden Menu

Ever notice how the little hamburger in the right-hand corner is replacing navigation along the top of so many websites? Hiding navigation off-screen allows maximum usage of space, which keeps websites from becoming too clutter, especially from the screen of a cell phone. Today, users access more and more information via their mobile devices, and hidden navigation makes that responsive design much easier to manage. By hiding the menu, you get more screen area to play with.

The layout and design of your website is crucial to any creative business. It should reflect not only who you are, but also be an extension of expression for your customers. Consider the user and how they will interact with the website. If you’re looking for more tips on creating a modern web design, we’d love to chat. Email us at: