The Recipe for Success: Social Media for Interior Designers

The term “social media” lights up the eyes of business owners. Perhaps this is because of the million of global users that access social media every day to document, share, like, and comment on their daily lives. Between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. the average American accesses social media 12 times daily! If you are looking to put your company in front of them, having a strong social media presence is a must.

The good news, social media, in terms of marketing is extremely affordable. Unfortunately though, it requires a strong strategy and can take a lot of time. If you are looking to create a strong social media presence, these are the 4 pieces you will want to figure out:

1.     Choose your platforms

If you are not managing it yourself, professionals have no problem handling as many platforms as you want. However,  the multiple platforms can be overwhelming at first for the novice marketer. We recommend starting with no more than 2 social media platforms. Then, when you get the hang of it, you can add in more profiles. The platforms you choose should be determined by your goals.

      Interior Designers make the most of their business by showing off their designs with pictures and videos. This means Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram, and Houzz are ideal springboards for boosting brand awareness.

      Google+ and Pinterest, because of the relationship with Google, increase your company’s SEO and therefore rake traffic to your website.

      When you are interested in boosting direct sales, Facebook has an excellent algorithm for targeting your audience directly and their prices are more than affordable for campaigning ads.

      LinkedIn is highly effective for developing partnerships other designers and professionals in your industry.

      Twitter lets you keep up with current trends and news in your industry and track what people are saying about your services.

2.     Create Engaging Content

Producing quality content is often listed as the most challenging part of creating a strong social media presence. Posts with photos and videos are more likely to get viewed, liked, and shared by your fans. Moreover, some platforms--like Instagram and Pinterest--require A LOT of high-quality photos. We find it works best to take a lot of photos and videos in one sitting. The best way to do that is by hosting an event, or scheduling a day to hire a videography and several photographers to capture content at the same time. Once you've acquired enough images to last you at least 2-3 months, find a qualified graphic designer to photoshop them and put together professional videos. The result is engaging new images for the website, ads, marketing collateral AND all your social media needs.

3.     Campaign Strategies

Social media is different from traditional marketing because it places your company in the position to directly interact with your audience rather than simply placing an ad in front of them. It’s why social media is more effective, but also more difficult to implement. That being said, you need to have specific objectives for each post and every hashtag. Whether you want to lead readers to your website or ask them to sign up for an event, each item you post should serve a purpose and work in conjunction with the rest of your posts. Sporadic posts do not work to deliver results.

4.     Community Management

Engaging in conversations with your followers and fans requires strong community management and customer service skills. Answer their questions, resolve their frustrations and interactive with their content. Your community managers set the tone of your company and separate the good from the great. Whether it is you or a hired community manager, they need to log into all of the accounts regularly and be strong writers. Ensure this person has the ability to represent your company appropriately and report any findings or client concerns back to you

The good news is, despite the complexity,  excellent social media is as accessible for small brands as it is for powerhouses in the industry. Moreover, mastering your social media presence can really set your company apart. For more information about implementing or managing your social media, email us at: